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To mark the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the White Star Line's RMS Titanic in 1912, we commemorate this tragic loss with some historic photographs of one of the world's best known ships. There are also present day photographs of the Titanic's Dry Dock (the Thompson Graving Dock) and Pump House. All these historic images associated with the RMS Titanic are free for your personal use only (please be sure to read the full terms), perhaps as a desktop background or as wallpaper. They are not available to purchase. Use the Search function above to easily find pages of relevant photos within this site. There are many different categories to explore and choose from, and new pictures are added regularly. If you like these images, please share this page using the buttons above!

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All of the photos on this site have been reduced in resolution to improve download speeds and bandwidth consumption for the free versions. A few of the original pictures are 2 Megapixel, but the vast majority are either 10 Megapixel or 12 Megapixel. Watermark free versions of all photographs at their original resolutions are available to purchase.